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We hope you are always searching some travel advice from Nepal. Nepal is a welcoming country and Peoples are very friendly. Tourism in Nepal is always safe so until now there is no any serious cased happened for tourists in Nepal. However, there has been a few reports of extortion sometime during trekking in remote area which are unsafe for the Nepalese citizen too because of security being far from the city or police stations. The Popular tourism destinations like Everest region, Annapurna region, Langtang region, Chitwan and Bardia National parks, cities in Nepal considered very safe regions. Banda (closed) is a strike called by political parties. However, there is no change in the itinerary must be expected if a political party calls a strike because normally they let do free for visitors in Nepal. Such strike has zero effect in sight seeing in Kathmandu valley or trekking and tours in Tibet.
There are some web links for your usefulness please find the security advises and Nepal travel advice from some Embassies in Nepal.

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With the conclusion of a political agreement in December 2007, Nepal was able to announce a new date for the Constituent Assembly Election. The election had taken place on 10 April 2008. At the first session of the Constituent Assembly on 28 May, it voted to declare Nepal a federal democratic republic, thereby abolishing the monarchy. Six Hundred one members of the Constituent Assembly voted on this motion, with 601 in favor and 4 opposed.

The major parties agreed on the creation of the position of President, while the Prime Minister was to hold powers. King Gyanendra has moved out Narayanhiti palace to his home in Nagarjun. The New establishment is expected within few months.

However, there is no problem for Tourist from Maoists or from any political parties. We hope there will be no problem from Maoists when you are in Nepal. We believe your enjoyable and peaceful holidays in Nepal. Outshine Adventure Treks.