New Open Trekking

After reached busses in mains trekking routes like Muktinath, Manang and many more trekking areas and to show the real Nepali culture and beauty, the Government of Nepal has opened new routes which are culturally and naturally very attractive. New Open Trekking to explorers encounter remote villages, wild animals and greenery. Famous trekking areas are mentions for Trekkers paradise presenting innumerable exacting trekking destinations with exclusive combination of natural and cultural. There have been continuing efforts with trekking agencies and government who working in the tourism sector to continuously finding attractive trekking destinations. We mention some of the new open trekking destinations that have been upgraded to accommodate the visit of new arrivals with provision of sound physical infrastructure for sustainable tourism practices.

The best time for new open Trekking trails is beginning of March to end of May and beginning of September to end of December. The New Open Trekking Trails You can choose the details of itineraries as per your desire and holidays.