Jungle Safari in Nepal

We have nine National Parks in Nepal and three Conservation Area. About 15 thousand square km amounting to almost 18 percent of the total area is defensive. This is an amazing commitment to conservation. A belt of well-watered floodplains stretching from the Indian border and the Siwalik Range are Terai lowland’s defensive. This is the richest habitat in the land with tall grasslands interspersed with revering and hardwood Forest. Here one can see wildlife such as the Gharial Crocodiles, musk deer, black buck, and blue bull, the Royal Bengal Tiger and marsh mugger crocodile and the last of a breed of Asiatic wild buffalo. Parks and Reserves are also rich in bird species with a variety of babbles and orioles, peacocks and floricans and an enormous amount of wild animals.

We offer Jungle Safari in Nepal Even having gorgeous Mountain in Nepal and other Adventure holidays, it has a fine selection of pristine national parks. Nepal offers you the chance to enter the jungle and view some of the rarest and most endangered wildlife on earth. A Jungle Safari in Nepal can be an amazing experience. It is possible for any visitor to stay in these parks and take part in an organized jungle safari and activity program. It is a great way to relax after a trek, take pleasure in the jungle environment, and have the family holiday of a lifetime. In the jungle you can experience, elephant safaris, jungle walking, bird watching in the morning with real birds sings, canoeing in river passing crocodiles and cultural programs, is depend on your choice of parks. We can trek through the jungle with jungle guide, which is much more interesting than normal trekking watching wild animals and scenery. Jungle safari in Nepal is a fun package wonderful for anyone. The national parks offer a range of accommodations for resorts and hotels. The resorts make a package for you that included everything from you sleeping arrangements to meals to days full of activities in Nationals parks.

Actuality jungle safari in Nepal is jungle walks chance to analysis different categories of animals as well observe their track, sign and sounds. The most fascinating and attention offered by Nepal for Jungle Safari in Nepal is not found in another place in the world. Doing Jungle safari in Nepal will discover the best situation of viewing the flora and fauna and the aboriginal local people and culture, their rich tradition and different languages.

The best time for Jungle Safari in Nepal is beginning of March to end of May and beginning of September to end of December. You can choose the details of itineraries of Jungle Safari in Nepal and make it as per your desire and holidays.