Dhaulagiri Trekking

One of the most beautiful mountains among many others, Dhaulagiri is known to be the “White Mountain” according to the local meaning and stands as the eight highest mountain of the world. As the name, the enchanting beauty of this mountain is enough to capture the heart and spirit of every visitors passing by. Dhaulagiri Trekking is undoubtedly the exploration of wild as this area is recently reopened. The region occupies the mystery that was hold a long but now is all opened up to explore which includes the Gandaki Gorge, which is renowned as the deepest gorge in the world.

This trekking area consists of massive mountain ranges of Dhaulagiri and fifteen mountains peak in the groups are standing with an altitude of 7000m. We need to have stamina as well as fit body as the paths are adventurous enough while moving forward and it is for sure that one can built an ability to deal with unexpected situation as the experience itself make you learn this tact which you might kept as a wonderful treasure inside you afterwards. Trekking this route offers you the challenging mountain passes like crossing over French pass (5360 meter) and Thapa Pass (5200 meter) where you have to walk on the icy track. As the beauty of Dhaulagiri is indescribable, one should come and explore the incredible mountains once in a life time to get connected to the nature. Beginning of March to end of May and Beginning of September to end of December is the perfect time to explore this majestic mountains and dramatic lands out here. You can contact us and can customize the details of itineraries according to the time and interest of your holidays.