The untouched Himalayan Kingdom

Bhutan is a sanctuary of magnificent scenery in the heart of Himalayas. The country’s history stretches back to the origins of Buddhism and its spiritually rich people are enterprising, Pragmatic and delightfully humorous. They live in harmony with nature and have evolved a unique identity’ derived largely from a religious and cultural heritage. The Kingdom of Bhutan lies in the eastern Himalayas, between Tibet to the north and the Indian territories of Assam and west Bengal to the south. The Kingdom has a total area of about 47,0000 square kilometers.
Monsoon influences promote dense forestation in the region and alpine growth at higher altitudes. The cultivated central uplands and Himalayan foothills support the majority of the population. In the south, the Daurs plain drops sharply away from the Himalayas into large tracts of semi- tropical forest savannah grassland and bamboo jungle.

Area of Bhutan: 47000 Sq/Km
Altitude: Varying from 180m to 7,550m above sea level
Population: 6,50,000
Capital: Thimphu
Local time: six hours ahead of GMT and ½ hour ahead of IST (Indian standard time)
Forest Cover: - 72%.
Agricultural: - 7.8%
National animal: Takin – Bodorcas Taxi Color
National Flower: Blue Poppy, Meconopis granis
National Tree: Tseden, Himalyalca cypress.
National Bird: Raven, Coruas Coraxs
National Sanctuaries: 26%