Luxury Trekking

Luxury Trekking is an elevated way of trekking in the Himalayas of Nepal. You will get to stay in one of the finest & comfortable hotels/lodges during the trek in Luxury Trekking. You will not find completely facilitated hotels/lodges with modern conveniences in all trekking trails of Nepal, but Luxury Trekking will assure you that, you will at least get the best available options during the trek. Moreover, Luxury Trekking includes helicopter pick-up and drop as well as per the itinerary. We, Outshine Adventure is proud to announce our precisely designed Luxury Trekking packages in Nepal. We also design tailor-made Luxury Trekking itinerary to fulfill your requirements so feel free to contact us anytime for further assistance. 

This is an ideal option for anyone who is looking for top-notch hospitality and world-class cuisine in one of the secluded regions of Nepal. With time and needs, trekking in isolated region has become more than adventure and gorgeous views. Several hotels/lodges are operated these days to provide comfortable and luxurious facilities during the trek. A large budget will allow you to experience the Himalayas in whole another level that you can't even imagine.

What could be better than sipping coffee made with finest grounded beans along with enjoying the stunning landscape and panoramic view of Himalayan mountains to unwind yourself from your daily hustle?

You will stay in 5-star hotels in the cities and get to experience one of the best hospitality that will reflect the touch of Nepalese tradition and culture. You can go through our Luxury Trekking packages or contact us for any further information.