Bird Watching Tours in Nepal

Bird watching in Nepal is so popular that every year the bird lovers and visitors come to Nepal. This bird watching has been the good package for Nepal tour trip into the natural beauty of National Parks and wildlife habitation.

Bird watching is one of the famous recreational tour into the natural habitation of different species of birds and animals. The bird watching tour has not been limited to the bird researchers. Any bird lovers and watchers can enjoy the exciting bird watching in Nepal.

The Kathmandu valley and nearby surrounding hills offer excellent birding tour. Nepal itself is the natural home of over 800 species of birds. The variety of habitation lands such as wetlands, tropical, subtropical forests are available in Nepal. You can watch about 500 species of birds within the Kathmandu valley and surrounding forest.

Among the national parks and wildlife reserve, Chitwan National Park, Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve and Shukla Phanta Wildlife Reserve are the famous bird watching places in Nepal around the world.

Outshine Adventure organizes the bird watching tour in Nepal with the best designed itinerary package for you. We have been promoting bird watching trip with much enthusiasm and dedication to the people of wildlife and birding interest. We have been working as a Naturalist in Chitwan National Park, Bardia National Park, Sagarmatha National Park, Shivapuri National Park, etc. We have spent almost a decade in wildlife tourism and have extensively lead birding trips in various parts of Nepal.