Mustang Trekking

This enchanting and mysterious region, Mustang is as lively as it is uttered. The experience on the trails of Mustang Trekking is itself wonderful as the history and the culture of this area is enriched with capabilities of capturing anybody’s mind. At around 1830, this region was a part of Tibetan kingdom of Gungthang; the fabled medieval wall city of Lo Monthang. The ancient history of this place is based on the myth more than actual facts.

According to the geographical location, the landscape of Mustang is a barren moonscape of eroded sandstone pillars and discontinuous moraine terraces which in combination gives a colorful mosaic effect of earthen reds, yellows and brown. Upper Mustang trekking is one of the exciting and mystery full, least known kingdom. One should not miss out an opportunity to explore this area.Until 1951, Upper mustang had maintained its status as a separate principality but now the king of Lo Monthang changed his title to the honorary rank of colonel in the Nepalese Army. The trekking route is easy at the Lo Manthang, which lies in the heart of Mustang. Trekkers should pass through the treeless barren landscapes in this area. In weather context, this region has very less rainfall and wind blows during the afternoon then at other time of the day. This region has a lot to offer everyone as it is enriched with history, culture, mystery and nature. One should take out a time and experience this trekking area.