Peak Climbing in Nepal

Ever since Nepal’s tourism door was opened to the foreigners, it has been most well known most famous trekking and Climbing destination in the world. There are Several routes to choose for trekking and Peak Climbing but some peaks are very popular for peak Climbing in Nepal. Island Peak, Yala Peak, Mera peak and lobuche Peak are probably the most popular for Peak Climbing in Nepal. There are many reasons to be these routes most popular for Peak Climbing in Nepal. This reason were introduced to climging specially foreigners long time before. There are many proves where tourists trekked before 1950. There reason are easier to access. One can drive or fly to starting place easily. Clean comfortable lodges are also available along the routes now a days for climbing people until base camp of some Peaks , There is no needed to hire tents for many days for peak climbing in Nepal, it can be for few days only. The tea houses serve fresh, delicious hygienic meals drinks throughout trekking until base camp of some peaks. It is also easier to organize peak climbing in Nepal having many facilities until base camp. Still tented accommodation private kitchen can be your option to avoid disturbances from the crowd.

The best time for Peak Climbing in Nepal is beginning of March to end of May and beginning of September to end of December. You can choose the details of itineraries for peak Climbing in Nepal as per your desire and holidays.