Makalu Trekking

Culturally and environmentally diverse, Makalu is the fifth highest mountain of the world which is quite close to the world tallest mountain, Mt. Everest. This is the region where trekkers can bag an experience of the nature as well as the ethnic tribe habitant with there rich culture and warm hospitality. During the Trekking journey, one can have an opportunity to pass through the Makalu National Park where different varieties of flora and fauna are conserved.

We should be prepared ahead during the trek as sometimes the weather might be the hindrance because as the trial ascends towards higher altitude, one might suffer from altitude sickness and diverse weather conditions. This area is blessed with diversity of natural vegetation, culture and life style of local residents. This trek is totally isolated from the modern society so that few trekkers are travelled and used to stay at the tented camp. After the numerous adventurous experiences, the journey ends at the base camp from where one can see the majestic views of Everest, Lhotse and Makalu. One should visit this area once in a life time to experience the overall ups and downs of nature. We provide you the best help and support during the trekking as our staffs are well experienced and habituated with year’s long services.