Kanchanjunga Trekking

Geographically located on the eastern border of Nepal, the most enchanting and Majestic Mountain, Kanchanjunga means "Five Great Treasuries of the Snow", as it has seven major summits. This beautiful mountain stands at the height of 8585m which is also renowned as the third highest mountain of the world. Spiritually, if defined it is the abode of the gods who when pleased bestow the prosperity and goodwill to the human.

This Kanchanjunga Trekking is one of the most popular trekking route where one get an opportunity to experience the spectacular mountain scenery, diverse flora and fauna as well as rich local culture of the habitant out there. From the trails of Kanchanjunga trekking, one can see the panoramic views of every direction as it is in the high altitude. It is also said that the avalanches that this mountain throws is largest then anywhere. This area is also re-opened recently which was closed for a time being now gives you an opportunity to explore the natural beauty of this region. The untouched landscape, the mesmerizing all around and the contrasting variety that is occupied by this trail is the main point that trekkers blessed to experience. This breath taking mountain region offers one to pass through the lush farmland and wooded valleys too. One should come and grab the opportunity to see the close up views of this enchanting mountain and vistas around.