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You have decided that you will be trekking in Nepal this autumn. Now you want to know exactly how it feels to be trekking in this season but you are unknown about nitty-gritty of trekking in autumn season? Read on then.

Autumn season is the most preferred trekking season in Nepal. With excellent weather and alluring mountain views, moderate temperature that has warm days and cool nights, and major festivals being celebrated across the nation, autumn makes one of the best times for any trekking destinations in Nepal. This season is generally from Mid-September to Mid-December; being the season after the end of Monsoon and ahead of winter season, autumn provides you with the pros and cons of these seasons as well.

So what exactly it feels like trekking in Nepal in different months of autumn? Don’t worry fellow trekkers; we are here to help you with this. Let’s find out.

From Mid-September to Mid-October: You will experience rainy season till early September with rain pouring cat-and-dogs in some occasions which ends in mid of September and the days start getting better each day. With temperature ranging from 17 to 27 degree Celsius and average of 22 Degree Celsius in the trekking destinations of mid hills, you shall experience the reminiscence of monsoon. You may experience some afternoon rains and may have bit of difficulty in some high altitude passes in the earlier days, which gets clear after few days. As mentioned earlier the weather is marvelous, trails are filled with greenery and are not dusty anymore. By the time you reach October, rainfall is completely over and nation slowly enters in the mood of festivity.

Mid-October to Mid November: This is one of the best trekking months for trekking in Nepal as you are over rainy season and yet to feel the impact of bitter cold. Nepal celebrates some of the most popular festivals during these months and thereby whole nation is jovial than in any other months. You can very well trek over the high altitude passes in the Everest, Annapurna, Langtang region which are the most popular trekking destinations of Nepal. As the season slowly proceeds to mid of November the climate slowly gets inclined to colder season though you may not visibly feel it. In totality, you have the best trekking month with perfect balmy weather and striking views of mountains and lushness of hills and valleys.

Mid-November to Mid-December: You can still have the best of trekking season during mid-November to mid-December; views are fine, weather is warm and trails are in good shape. You can feel some cold in the morning and evenings, though during the afternoon you can still walk around with normal clothes. Farmers complete harvesting and so you may see empty cultivation fields in the hills of Nepal. If you are trekking across high altitude passes and face bad weather, it’s better for you to wait as the weather will clear up in a day or two. Except that you won’t face much problem even during the trek to high passes. As season progresses towards the mid of December, you may feel very cold during morning, evening and night, snowfall at higher altitudes starts increasing after mid December. Prepare yourself accordingly if you are into high altitudes such as Thorung La Pass.

So, all-in-all if you have chosen trekking in Nepal in autumn season, you have made a very good decision. You’ll have clear weather, quiet trails, incredible and clear views, and some of the most popular festivals being celebrated across the nation. Trails in Nepal are more flexible than you think and with proper clothing, any trek is doable in autumn, even at well over 5000m. If you have already made your mind, go for trekking in Nepal in autumn and if you haven’t made a plan do it soon. In any case, go for trekking in Nepal!

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