Top 5 Trekking in Nepal Tips for First Timers

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  • Last Updated on Jun 9, 2016

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Trekking in Nepal is for all. For first timers to experienced ones, you are most welcome to beautiful Himalayan country of Nepal. Among numerous trekking trips in Nepal, there are few which are not recommended for beginners. But just as you are first timer doesn’t mean that you can’t have amazing experience of walking around the Himalayas. All you need to know is few tips that comes handy while trekking in Nepal. Here are few of them:   

  1. Do Proper Research on Trekking in Nepal

Doing proper research and planning is always a good thing to do and same thing applies while trekking in Nepal. If you are first time trekking in Nepal, doing research is even more essential. After your online and offline research, recommendation from family and friends, gather information on weather and climate of Nepal, Visa information, trekking regions, difficulties, popularity, trip grading and more. Analyze the collected data and convert it into meaningful information for your decision making. 

  1. Pick the short and easy Treks

As you are planning Nepal treks for the first time, you are recommended to join easy treks without any fear of altitude sickness. Tougher high passes and off the beaten path treks, challenging peak climbing are meant for experienced hikers. Picking the easy trek will be a wise decision in your first visit in Nepal. And you can always come back for more adventures.

  1. Budget also might be a determining factor

Keep an eye on your budget too. While doing trip research and planning, know how much expenses you might occur during the trip on accommodation, meals, transportation and other factors. Consulting local trekking company would give you the best updated advice. And best tip is always carry little more money for unforeseen situations.

  1. Packing right gears and equipments is necessary

Pack light and trek smoother. But don’t forget the essential things to bring. Make a checklist of items and pack them accordingly. Choose good quality gears, clothes, trekking boots and equipments as cheap ones would only cause more problems and hassles. In this case also plan your packing list along with the trekking company you chose.

  1. You must know how far you can go

Stamina is a key. If you have some medical issues, or you are taking any medications, then you must notify the trekking company beforehand. And you are advice to get involved in physical exercises prior trekking. As more the fit you are, less chances of falling ill and more to enjoy. Being fit is always a good thing though.

These are the top 5 trekking tips for beginners who are looking for Nepal holidays. Hope it helps. Cheers!

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