Top 5 Reasons for Trekking in Nepal After Earthquake

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  • Last Updated on Jun 10, 2015

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Join tours and trekking in Nepal after earthquake as now it is safe to visit Nepal. Even the Ministry of Culture, Toursim and Civil Aviation under Government of Nepal has released a press statement assuring Nepal is now safe after an earthquake except for worst hit 8 out of 75 districts. Also at those places rebuilding process is going on and slowly life of people is getting back into normal. Deadly earthquake had worse effects on tourism sector of Nepal. Many tourists cancelled their tours and trekking in Nepal and still there might be confusion in your minds whether to visit Nepal or not. Here are top 5 reasons for visiting Nepal after an earthquake.

  1. Visit Nepal for a noble cause:

Nepal needs your help in its rebuilding process. Join for various trekking in Nepal packages and help the local communities either by helping in distributing relief materials, rebuilding homes, schools or being a part of awareness programs. Your small help will be a major factor in bringing smile in their face and moving towards positive life.


  1. Trekking in Nepal is safe:

Trekking in Nepal is safe and affected parts are in reconstruction phase to be restarted within a month. As said by Prachanda Man Shrestha, tourism expert. According to Everest trekking route is safe as officials have reached up to Namche and assured that it is safe for trekking.  In the similar way, another popular trekking region, routes of Annapurna region are also safe , these areas have very less impact from earthquake. Tourism officials added that even Mustang, Dolpo and Makalu trekking regions can be operated without any safety issue.


Therefore any tourists can feel safe while trekking in these areas along with excursions to popular cities like Pokhara, Chitwan, Lumbini and Bardia which has no effects of earthquake whatsoever.


  1. Experience uniqueness while trekking in Nepal:

While trekking in Nepal along with sightseeing around Kathmandu valley before, it is not same now. Many temples have collapsed; people have lost their homes and loved ones. You will get to know their side of story while interacting with them. In this way you will also be providing emotional support for them. While trekking in Nepal this time you will get uniqueness and get to know what real situation is.


  1. Get the best of trekking in Nepal avoiding crowd:

Usually trekking in Nepal around popular Everest and Annapurna regions are full and crowded. However, if you visit Nepal this time then you can enjoy the best that nature, culture, sceneries and Himalayas has to offer without much fuss. With upcoming autumn season, it is best time for trekking in Nepal.


  1. Unbelievable discounts while trekking in Nepal:

Don’t miss this chance to grab discounts and offers while trekking in Nepal.  Most of the hotels, tour operators, travel agents and even government are trying to attract more number of tourists by offering attractive discounts and deals. Grab the deal and visit Nepal as soon as possible.

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