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Tours in Nepal offers a wonderful chance to experience insightful culture, tradition along varied natural sceneries that attracts travelers from all over the world and make Nepal their favorite travel destination. Nepal is not only known for the land of Himalayas, top of the world Everest and birthplace of Lord Buddha but also for friendly hospitality of Nepalese that cracks smile in every face with delight. Below here are some tips for travel and tours in Nepal that may come handy while visiting the beautiful country.

Taking Good Care of Your Health

It is very easy to get ill in Nepal but it’s avoidable. Simply do not drink local tap water or from natural resources without purifying, avoid eating street foods or from those areas where you do not see clean place to wash your hands, always carry hand sanitizer with you because there may not be soap on toilets. And as it is said that prevention is better than cure, consult your doctor back home and take antibiotics before hand to get rid of possible infections and allergies. Therefore take good care of your health while embarking for tours in Nepal.

Drink Safe Water Only

As I have already mentioned to avoid unpurified drinking water, it is recommended to carry a steripen, purification drops with you while visiting Nepal because paying for each liters of water is good for short term but seems unfeasible for long term.

Polite Gestures

You must have known Namaste generally refers polite Hello or Hi and s spoken with a slight bow and hands pressed together, palms touching and fingers pointing upwards. Similarly, if you want to be polite then it is important to use your right hand while receiving or paying money by touching your left hand to your right elbow.

Eating Styles

At home or restaurant rice and lentil is what most of Nepalese consume twice a day and most of them eat with their right hand. You will be offered spoon and fork at restaurant of course but I would recommend to try eating with hand. It may sound awkward but it has been the part of culture now and it shows your respect to local tradition and culture.

Not to Street Kids, Donate to INGOs and NGOs instead

If some street kids beg you for money, touches your feet then what would you do? It melts our heart and we like to offer something, but ignoring them is the best thing to do.  Especially around Thamel area these kids are begging not for themselves but for some other people who order them to do so. Therefore, if you really like to do something for them then you can donate to some of reputable INGO and NGO working for them.

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