Kathmandu: City of Temples Turned into City of Tents

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  • Last Updated on May 21, 2015

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Kathmandu Valley, the culturally affluent medieval city surrounded by hills popularized as city of temples suddenly turned into city of tents after April 25, 2015 as devastating earthquake struck with 7.9 magnitude. Centuries old temples, UNESCO world heritage sites including thousands of homes shredded into dusts in no time.  Along the Kathmandu valley, nearby villages, were also badly affected leaving behind thousands dead and many more injured without basic needs like food and shelter. 

To turn Kathmandu back into city of temples and restore its heritages, large number of financial assistance has been offered by international donor agencies NGO’s and INGO’s.  And now Nepal is slowly shifting from emergency state to recovery state. We believe that each and every lost heritage will be totally restored within four to six years. The best way foreigners and well wishers can help rebuild Nepal is visiting around the nation. Embarking for community trekking, home stay trekking and tours will not only reform the shadowed tourism sector of Nepal but it will also help local communities to grow financially and recover from the disaster. There are still many touristic areas untouched by recent earthquake. The popular sites like Pokhara, Annapurna region and further off the beaten trek at far west region awaits incoming tourists as most of them left the country after earthquake. With continuous rebuilding effort, Everest trekking is also anticipated to continue in next autumn trekking season.

Kathmandu has always been welcoming tourists from all over the world and with combined rebuilding efforts hopefully we can see large flux of tourists engaging themselves around revived and renovated Kathmandu. City of tents would certainly bounce back into its original shape and called as city of temples once again.

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