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  • Last Updated on May 11, 2015

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Recent earthquake in Nepal has shook us all. More than 8000 lives have been claimed leaving behind more than 17000 injured and many more homeless. World heritage sites in Kathmandu valley were destroyed along thousands of homes in nearby villages. You can help rebuild Nepal not just by donating funds but you can really impact on local people and victims by joining various community treks and tours around beautiful country Nepal. Visit Nepal on your holiday for trekking and tours that will support for living their daily lives.

Now the question arises, Is it safe to travel Nepal after deadly earthquake? Many of tourists have cancelled their booking and trips till September which is the major trekking season in Nepal. Well, the answer is YES, IT IS SAFE TO TRAVEL NEPAL AFTER EARTHQAUKE. You may be asking again how it is safe when still hundreds of trekkers are missing. I am saying its safe because its post disaster period in Nepal, it’s the time to rebuild. History and statistics shows that earthquake of this magnitude strikes usually every century. Last one before April 15, 2015 was in 1934AD. So, there should be no fear of recurring massive earthquake in near future (at least for 80-90 years). Also Annapurna trekking region mostly initiating from naturally blessed city Pokhara is not affected by an earthquake. You can embark for Annapurna base Camp trekking, Annapurna circuit trekking without any risks involved. In the same way there is no huge damages done in Everest region, local Sherpas are born heroes and have already started rebuilding of teahouses and infrastructures themselves. You can support them by joining community Everest Base Camp Trekking. However, the most affected area Langtang region might take some time to continue. We believe that the trekking routes will be open in near future and we can see many tourists visiting the areas not only for an adventure but with a noble cause to support the local communities.

Presently, Nepal government is also collecting the actual loss of infrastructure, heritage sites and trekking region. After an initial phase of data collection, with the help of billions of dollars revived from foreign aids, Nepal Government will start rebuilding homes, villages, communities and whole nation. Therefore what can you do to rebuild Nepal? The best answer would be coming here in your next holiday.

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