Foreign Ministry directs embassies to encourage foreigners to visit Nepal

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  • Last Updated on Jul 13, 2015

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To boost Nepalese tourism industry after earthquake scenarios, all of the foreign Nepali embassies, diplomatic agencies have been organizing various campaigns, programs and offers to attract foreign travelers towards Nepal as directed by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Nepal.

Foreign ministry of Nepal had sent circulars to all of its 35 embassies, diplomatic missions and consulates to organize a series of events and programs and spread the message that Nepal is safe to visit and eagerly waiting to welcome more and more number of tourists in near future. Special instructions has been given to countries from where most number of tourists visit Nepal such as USA, UK, China, Germany, Japan, France, Thailand and India.  

For the same purpose, Embassy of Nepal in Thailand and consulate of Nepal in Singapore jointly organized a program with the slogan of “Nepal is Safe: Visit, Enjoy and Help Nepal” last week. Similarly, various other programs had been Phuket in Thailand, Bangkok, Vietnam and Laos. According to foreign ministry another program is scheduled at Pattay island in Thailand. Likewise, the Consulate General of Nepal in Hong Kong organized a seminar titled ‘Nepal Tourism: Aftermath of the Earthquake’, where tour operators of Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Shenzhen said Nepal was safe.

Therefore after these directions by Foreign Ministry and efforts made by foreign embassies, diplomatic agencies consulates, it is expected that tourists will slowly and steadily visit naturally blessed and culturally affluent Himalayan kingdom of Nepal in upcoming months.

Source: The Himalayan Times

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