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Trekking in Nepal is diversified with numerous trekking trips that can turn anybody’s dream of trekking in Nepal into reality. Regarding the base camp treks in Nepal, Everest Base Camp Trekking and Annapurna Base Camp Trekking needs no introduction. These are among the top trekking destinations in the whole world. However, there are other base camp treks around the foothills of Himalayan country Nepal offering best of sceneries, culture, tradition and adventurous experience as a whole. Here are some of the best base camp treks in Nepal:

  1. Everest Base Camp Trek:

Everyone wants to step on the top of the world, 8848 meters above sea level. That’s highest you can ever be on earth. But it is not possible for most of us to be there. What’s possible is to be at Everest base camp and indulge ourselves into its natural beauty, cultural insights and most of all to get once in a lifetime accomplishing opportunity. It is the most popular and most visited trek through suspension bridges, dense forests, rivers, ice falls and glaciers.

  1. Annapurna Base Camp Trek:

Annapurna Base Camp Trek is another most popular trekking trip in Nepal after Everest Base Camp Trek. Starting from scenic lake city of Pokhara it takes you around the naturally blessed Annapurna Himalayan region that captivates you from all sides. Scenic sunrise views, 360 panoramic views from base camp itself being the major highlights, it would be sense of accomplishment upon reaching at base of Mt. Annapurna, world’s tenth highest mountain.

  1. Dhaulagiri Base Camp Trek:

Dhaulagiri Base Camp Trek is quite an adventure around the Annapurna region of Nepal that perfectly blends with local Gurung lifestyle along the chance to visit deepest gorges of world and best of Himalayan sceneries. Dhaulagiri Base Camp Trek is taken as one of the off the beaten path tented camping trekking perfect for isolated and adventures in Nepal.

  1. Makalu Base Camp Trek:

Mt. Makalu at 8463m is the fifth highest mountain of the world and being at base camp of pyramid shaped Mt. Makalu is a sense of pride. It would be a tented camping trekking around Makalu Barun National Park that lets you feel the true adventure and taste authentic insights into local living of local inhabitants. Trek along barun glacier, forests, rivers, Arun valley with spectacular Himalayan sceneries are the highlights of off the beaten Makalu Base Camp Trek.

  1. Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek:

Mt. Kanchenjunga is Nepal’s second and world’s third highest snow capped mountain located at eastern Nepal.  It is a challenging adventure with best natural views of greeneries, lakes, glaciers and insight to varied culture and traditions of local groups. Tented camping trek for couple of weeks would offer you an unforgettable trekking experience in Nepal.

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